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Sail through the mysterious water underground of the Old Town!

Those who are willing to take a few more steps down to the places where the former first stone bridge was standing can enjoy an extraordinary experience. The spaces that hide the old Romanesque Prague sites are very often unknown even to the locals. Our guests sail from the wharf in the unique water underground of the Old Town to unknown and mysterious parts of the city of Prague and through the last standing arch of the Judith Bridge from the year 1169.

The fully wooden Vodouch boats built in the tradition of the 19th century set off for their cruises all year round.

In winter, the guests are kept warm by period stoves and hot wine, in summer they are served cold beer or soft drinks. The visitors will be shown the oldest Prague stream gauge the “Big Chin Face” and the unique panorama of the Prague castle from the water level. The captains will bring them to the Devil’s Stream with the Grand Priory Mill. Price of the ticket includes the unique chance to visit the Charles Bridge Museum and have a look at the model of both bridges, at the underground of the monastery of the Knights of the Cross and into the tower of Judith Bridge.

After embarkation by the Judith Bridge next to the Charles Bridge the boats sail around the Old Town Bridge Tower to the “Big Chin Face” – the oldest Prague stream gauge.

The cruise continues up the Moldau stream to places with an iconic view of the Prague Castle with the Charles Bridge, the Bridge towers, roofs of Lesser Town’s houses and the horizon of the Lesser Town from the Petřín hill to the Kramář Villa. The boat sails under the Charles Bridge with a detail view of the stonemason symbols from the 14th century. The cruise continues to the Museum of Bedřich Smetana to the Old Town weir with a view of the National Theatre and the Quay of Bedřich Smetana and with a unique view of the Prague Castle behind the Charles Bridge and the shores of the Kampa islands with the Sova Mills.

The Vodouch boat cruising around the wharf on the Devil’s Stream.

The cruise takes you then down the stream to the view of the Prague Venice and to the Devil’s Stream up to the Grand Priory Mill.

Cruise of the boat in the Devil’s Stream.

When we leave the canal, the view on the Aleš’ Quay opens and we can see: 

  • Monastery of the Knights of the Cross
  • Herget’s Brickyard
  • Armory of the Lesser Town
  • Academy of Arts, Design and Architecture
  • Faculty of Arts of the Charles University
  • Rudolfinum 

We sail on under the Mánes’ Bridge where we can see the Hanau’s Pavilion on Letná Hill, the Kramář’s Villa (seat of the Prime Minister), Straka’s Academy (seat of the government), the Metronom on Letná Hill and other beautiful buildings. Then the boat turns back and sails around the Island of the Knights of the Cross to the tunnel under the square where our cruise ends.
The boat Puškvorec cruising under the Old Town weir with the panorama of the castle district Hradčany.


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