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The Prague Venice company (Pražské Benátky s.r.o.) runs ferry cruises on the Moldau River and the Canal Čertovka (Devil’s Stream) in the heart of Prague. The company is very proud of its boats which were built in the best tradition of the end of 19th century. The cruise through unique surroundings is accompanied by professional commentary of our captains who will inform the passengers about monuments around the river.

Mr Zdeněk Bergman, a simple Prague ferryman | Prague Venice


Prague Venice company

Our boat company employs three dozen individuals of various confessions, nationalities and races. The company was founded AD 1993 by Mr Zdeněk Bergman, a simple Prague ferryman. After finishing his studies of the science of water supply and distribution, he commenced building up the company that combines his dream of carrying out the boating trade and his love for old Prague, together with his desire to acquaint as many people as possible with what he believes is beautiful, valuable and noble in this city.

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Pražské Benátky, s. r. o. | Platnéřská 4, 110 00 Praha 1 – Staré Město
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e-mail: info@prazskebenatky.cz

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